Dome Sticker and Labels

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We provide custom and personalized 3d dome badges, stickers with unique designs and shapes. Also known as 3d badge, dome badge, dome sticker, dome labels or resin badge

Domed Stickers (also referred to by some as Domed Labels, Domed Badges, 3D Stickers or 3D Resin Badges) is used in product labelling and brand identity labels.

We coat it with hard-wearing, scratch-resistant coating to protect your company logo or design. While it is displayed clearly. Domed labels are durable and three-dimensional appearance catches the eye.Dome labels are perfect solutions for any business for Branding show off their images in different way.

Domed Stickers are a great for any product that showcasing company logo or brand professionally.

dome sticker and label for badges and keycain