Id Card Holders
Molded Rigid Plastic Id Card Holders Offer Your Id Cards Secure And Safe Casing From Active Environment. They Come In Different Colors And Sizes To Fit All Your Needs And Occasions.

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  • Single Side Pasting...
    Holders One Side Of Which Is Engineered For Pasting Id Card Sticker Print Out While The Other Is Open For Color Customization And Your Fashion Taste
  • Two Side Pasting Holder
    Especially Designed To Paste Sticker Cards On Both The Sides With A Sleek And Smooth Build Quality.
  • Double Hole Insert Holder
    Engineered To Told The Card In Both Horizontal And Vertical Position With A Transposed Symmetric Design.
  • Two Side Insert Holder
    Made To Hold And Case 2 Cards At The Same Time While Still Being Lightweight And Durable.
  • Crystal Holder
    Designed To Showcase Your Id Card In All Its Glory. Built From A Transparent Material To Facilitate Clarity Even On The Rear Side. Available For All Iso Pacific Standard Card.
  • Outer Holder
    Facilitates Your Bold Personality With A Bigger, Better And Stronger Casing. Its Design Can Internally Hold A Inner Holder With The Iso Pacific Standard Card.
  • Inner Holder
    Constructed To With Matt Finish And Ability To Paste Sticker Cards And Also Fit Inside The Outer Holder.
  • Box Holder
    Industrially Designed And Fabricated Production Makes It Available At Cheap And Affordable Prices While Still Giving You The Power Of Color And Orientation Customizations.
  • Insert Holder
    A Heavy Duty Card Holder Pvc Cards, Provides Pouch Based Glossy Material Solution To Provide A Executive Solution To Your Identity.
  • Direct Fitting

    Id card with direct fitting

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items