Paper Cutter-Office Supply (No 79)

Office Supply 79/8297with stand


Paper cutter-Office Supply (No 79)
Office Supply 79/8297with stand
Cutting size : 33 cm
Cutting capacity :400sheets 70g paper
Packing :1
Measure : 64x45x30 cm Stand
Measure : 62x41x11 cm
Available in high quality and professional feel in reasonable price for business size and requirements. A complete range of office products with reliable outcome and at whole sale prices all year round. We maintain and serve products like stapler, blowers, cutters, pvc products, photo sheets, punches and many more.

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Measure62x41x11 cm
Cutting capacity400sheets 70g paper
Cutting size33 cm

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Paper Cutter-Office Supply (No 79)
Office Supply 79/8297With Stand
Cutting Size : 33 Cm
Cutting Capacity :400Sheets 70G Paper
Packing :1
Measure : 64X45X30 Cm Stand
Measure : 62X41X11 Cm
Available In High Quality And Professional Feel In Reasonable Price For Business Size And Requirements. A Complete Range Of Office Products With Reliable Outcome And At Whole Sale Prices All Year Round. We Maintain And Serve Products Like Stapler, Blowers, Cutters, Pvc Products, Photo Sheets, Punches And Many More.

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