4 Colour Konica Minolta TN612 Toner Cartridge Multipack

4 Colour Konica Minolta TN612


4 Colour Konica Minolta TN612 Toner Cartridge Multipack

This item is guaranteed to work in the following printers

  • Konica Minolta Bizhub Pro C5501 toner cartridges
  • Konica Minolta Bizhub Pro C6501 toner cartridges

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Product TypeToner
BrandKonica Minolta

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4 Colour Konica Minolta TN612 Toner Cartridge Multipack

Manufacturer Part No.:TN-612, TN612, TN-612K, TN-612C, TN-612M, TN-612Y
Colour:4 Colour Multipack
Duty Cycle:Approx. 37,500 black / 25,000 colour pages @ 5% average coverage
Product Type:Toner
Brand:Konica Minolta

 Toner ModelFor use inPage YieldColour
1104A/BMT1054/1085/1084 K   
2106A/BDI 152/183/183s/161/201122000K   
3204A/BMT 2030/3000/301022000K   
4TN-211BIZHUB  250/200/222/28217000K   
5TN-311BIZHUB  350/362/30017000K   
6TN-114BIZHUB  162/210/163/211/220 DI 162/210/7516/7616/7521 22000K   
7TN-115BIZHUB  163V/7616V/162V/211/2022000K   
8TN-117/116/118/119BIZHUB 164/184/7718/215/195/235/31512000K   
9TNP-26BIZHUB 6180MF5000K   
10TN-511BIZHUB 420/500/421/501/360/36132000K   
11TN-217BIZHUB 223/283/782817000K   
12TN-414BIZHUB 363/42325000K   
13TN-415BIZHUB 36/4225000K   
15TNP-34/37BIZHUB 4700P20000K   
16TN-213/214/314BIZHUB  C203/253K:24.5K CMY:19KCMYK
17TN-310BIZHUB C350/351/450/451/CF3102/CF220211500CMYK
18TN-216BIZHUB C220/C280CMY: 26000  K:29000CMYK
19TN-319BIZHUB C360  CMY: 26000  K:29000CMYK
20TN-321/220BIZHUB C224/C364/284/C281/C221/C221SCMY: 25000  K:27000CMYK
21TN-512BIZHUB C454/C554CMY: 25000  K:27000CMYK
22TN-611/613BIZHUB C451/C550/C650/C452/C552/C652/C652DSK45K/ CMY:27KCMYK
 TN-612BIZHUB C5501 C6501 C6501P C6501 C6501P C5501     
23TN-711BIZHUB C654/C754/C654e/C754eK45K/ CMY:27KCMYK
24TNP-18color  Printer 4570EN/4570DN/4750CMYK:6000CMYK
25TNP-20magicolor 3730DNCMYK:5000CMYK
26TNP-22Color  Printer BIZHUB  C35CMYK:6000CMYK
27TNP-27Color Printer BIZHUB C25CMYK:6000CMYK
28TNP-48BIZHUB C3350/3850CMYK:1000CMYK
30TNP-51BIZHUB C3110


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